Land Application

Maverick Energy Services services the Arkoma Basin in Oklahoma and Texas. Land application services provides a disposal option to handle fluids and solids generated by the process of drilling an oil & gas well. The fluids and solids are then dispersed with comparable equipment used in farming operations for land applications of similar fluids and chemicals.

Drilling fluids are comprised primarily of naturally occurring substances, such as barite and water. Drilling fluids provide a safe and effective strategy for properly cleaning, and maintenance. Maverick;s operators are experienced at engineering the best onsite system to protect the environment while maintaining suitable conditions prior to drilling.

Pipeline Services

Maverick Energy Services is currently working with some of the largest oil companies in the industry. With a proven track record of quality work in a timely manner, Maverick has set themselves apart from other pipeline service providers. If you are needing top of the line quality and efficiency give Maverick a call.

Pumping and Acidizing

Maverick Energy Services performs a wide variety of acid treatments. We offer different specialty chemicals from organic or non-organic acids to proprietary custom blends. Each treatment is customized based on the needs of the well, focusing on fluid chemistry, well bore conditions and reservoir characteristics. We offer a wide range of pumping equipment. The high quality of our equipment assures the job will be completed as efficiently and safely as possible.

Water Transportation

Maverick water transportation services will move water, mud and everything in between. We also bring water to you for your various on-site operational requirements.

We recruit the best drivers available and can handle jobs of virtually any size. We serve the greater Oklahoma-Texas region and are continually expanding our reach within this service area.